SoundMind Careers

SoundMind Careers

Thank you for your interest in careers at SoundMind! We’re so excited that you’ve expressed interest in this space and look forward to how we can work together to continue breaking the stigma in mental health.
Applications are due April 15th! Get yours in on time to be considered!
📍Location: IRL (Culver City, Los Angeles) and Remote (Team Members in Los Angeles, Seattle, New York, DC)
👉🏼 Website:
📲 Social Media: @soundmindapp
✉️ Email: apply@soundmindapp

💎 Info

❤️ SoundMind is constantly on the lookout for top tier talent to help SoundMind grow and expand in the mental health and tech space. Our teams are fun to work with, always on the go, and have a passion for creating long-lasting experiences.
👉🏼 You’ll be creating the next mental health tech with the SoundMind community and overall mental health space. The SoundMind brand is an ever-growing community with a global user base that is growing by the day — all passionate about what we’re building and who we’re doing it with.
🔥 You’re expected to work hands-on, be passionate, and be self-driven to succeed in this role. This role is perfect for quick learners and independent thinkers who thrive in a quick-paced environment and like to work with diligent individuals.
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🕶 We’re part of a larger community in tech

We’ve raised money from top investors and VC’s including Rough Draft Ventures powered by General Catalyst, Gaingels, AirBnb, PeerPal, SuperJoi, and more with passionate minds to build together.
..... Help us build the next mental health rocket ship 🚀

🧭 Mission

Our aim is to create a more harmonious and equitable health tech solution for humankind
Our Mission is to improve the world’s accessibility to mental health resources through interactive mobile technologies

🔭 Vision

The “lifelong” impact
Our vision is to build SoundMind into one of the most reliable and accessible interactive user experience brands of the 21st Century. We believe that through innovative software backed by research-driven from human experiences and emotions, we can make the usage of mental health resources a trend, like fashion, but different.

⚖️ Values

SoundMind emphasizes discipline, collaboration, and selflessness, and is a research-driven team focused on helping others find solutions to their needs
SoundMind consists of a diverse group of individuals, both military and civilians, from across The United States. Founded in 2020, the team is invested in creating the world's next revolutionary mobile application to help victims of mental illness (specifically trauma, depression & anxiety).

A quick look at SoundMind’s culture...

Here is our best attempt to share the culture that we have built here at SoundMind, which is continuing to grow every day. We tell our team that a startup is not always the most “attractive” and there are a lot of risks involved, but with the right mindset and endless energy, we believe our mission is achievable.
🚀 Be a Barrier Breaker
🕶 Move with Urgency and Stay Motivated
🌎 Think Globally
🧠 Trust Your Gut
🤨 Accept that you don’t know everything
❤️ Create Change

✨ Available Roles

➡️ Full Stack Web Developer

➡️ NFT Artist

➡️ Research Intern: Sleep, Relaxation, and Music Therapy

➡️ Research Intern: Gender Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Mental Health

➡️ Communications Intern

➡️ Instagram Graphics Intern

➡️ TikTok Intern

➡️ UI/UX Intern

Software Engineering Intern

➡️ Social Media/Marketing Management Intern

➡️ Content Creator/Copywriting Intern

➡️ General Interest Intern


💜 SoundMind Benefits

SoundMind is big on personality and company culture, so tell us a bit more about what you love to do outside of work and what made you join this line of work. We believe everyone has a story, so share yours!

🎨 We Offer:

A fast-paced environment where you can help shape the culture
Hands-off working approach, to allow you to succeed on your own time
Exclusive offerings from our corporate partners that allow for travel and business expense coverage on a needed basis
A competitive full-time salary
.... and some more benefits here (click toggle to see)
🍎 Apple & Tech Products
State-of-the-art technology for your tech development needs because we believe that you operate at your best when you have the right tools.
😏 Free NFT’s
We’re getting into the NFT and Metaverse space, and believe you should too (mental health is important everywhere)! We’ve got you covered so you can own your first (few) NFT’s.
🧘🏼 Wellness Stipend
$150/month therapy stipend for when you need it, where you need it. Get yourself a therapist, massage, or anything you need to feel energized and recharged.
😷 Paid Sick Leave
We offer paid sick leave — and yes, if you’re expecting a newborn, we’ve got you covered so that you can focus on the things that matter most to you.
✈️ Team Adventures
We believe it’s important to get our team together, especially in our remote environment. We’ll fly everyone to a fun destination every so often so that we can hang out IRL.
Think you’re suited for our open roles? Tell us about yourself and why you’re interested in this role, and include links to your resume, Github, and/or LinkedIn. Apply here!
Not for you, but know who might fit? Refer them! If we hire your reference, we will send you a special gift and an NFT expressing our appreciation for YOU!

📰 Our Latest Spotlights

See you at the interview ✌️🎉

With Love,
💜 Team SoundMind